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Amee graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2006 with a Bachelors Degree in Osteopathy as well as a diploma in Naturopathy.
In the UK, the osteopathic profession is regulated by the General Osteopathic Council and osteopaths are trained to degree level, taking a minimum of four years, including over 1000 hours of contact time with patients at undergraduate level.

Amee’s reviews speak for themselves. She is a confident, well respected and intuitive Osteopath who is passionate about changing the lives of others. She gives her all to each and every patient and their treatment process.

Over the years, Amee has managed to build a successful business, treating a range of patients of all different ages, backgrounds and occupations. She is able to identify the cause of pain or discomfort and treat it accordingly using her expert knowledge and skills. She has recently qualified in dry needling and incorporates this into her treatment when necessary.

Amee’s completed further post graduate training in Cranial Osteopathy to enable her skills in treating babies and children. She has helped many babies presenting with symptoms such as colic, reflux, constipation and misshapen head syndrome including all three of her own babies. Amee recommends cranial osteopathy for all babies, be it for a problem or just for a check up.

Amee is a registered member of The General Osteopathic Council as well as The British Osteopathic Association.

Amee prides herself of giving attention to detail to each individual patient whatever their age and tailoring her treatment according to their unique needs. The treatment does not just end in the treatment room as she believes that after care such as posture, stretches and lifestyle changes are essential to help to maintain lasting, long term effects.

In her spare time, Amee keeps extremely busy with her own three little ones! She has a passion in yoga and meditation too and makes sure she finds time for that!

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