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The Amee Shah Osteopathy Practice is an established practice dedicated to providing an excellent and professional standard of care.

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Amee is professional, attentive and passionate about providing the best quality of osteopathic care. I am quite active with playing squash and running 4 or 5 days a week, which means I am more than likely to get injured regularly. I visit Amee at least once a month to check everything is in place otherwise she sets it right! I highly recommend her services.



I had heard that Cranial Osteopathy had worked for my friends baby so I thought I would give it a go. She quickly identified that my 14 week baby had been suffering with trapped wind. During the first treatment, our baby already seemed calmer and after just 3 sessions, the wind issue has completely resolved! We can’t thank you enough Amee.

Amy and Sam

Loving parents

Amee was fantastic. In just 3 sessions my lower back was back to normal. Being a dancer, Amee also gave me practical advice on how I can strengthen my back to help myself get better outside of the sessions, which helped a lot as well. Thanks for putting my mind at ease and making the treatments so painless!


Senior HR advisor

My twins were born a few weeks premature so I was used to having to deal with various issues since their birth. I thought I would try Amee as my sister highly recommended her treatment for babies. After 6 sessions, my babies seemed so much more comfortable within themselves which has greatly improved their sleep and general mood! I would recommend Amee to everyone.



I have the pleasure of Amee treating me every couple of weeks due to aches and pains caused by exercise. Without fail I leave her surgery walking taller and feeling looser all over, she really helps me feel better. Wouldn’t consider visiting anyone else.


Business owner

I spend a lot of time concentrating at a computer and osteopathy with Amee has really helped me de-tense and unwind. It’s had a positive impact on both repetitive strain issues and stress as well helping my chronic fatigue syndrome which in turn has helped boost my energy levels.


IT Consultant

When my daughter was born, I had heard cranial osteopathy could help with her colic so I took her to see Amee. Her professional yet down to earth approach put me completely at ease. She explained the condition and what had caused it in the first place. Thanks to Amee the colic has gone and my daughter is a much happier little girl.


Full time Mum

I first went to see Amee whilst I was training for a triathlon and suffered from excruciating back pain. Amee identified where and why the pain had occurred and within a few sessions my back felt stronger and pain free again. I am truly grateful.



Symptoms we most commonly treat.

We offer treatment for a variety of health issues. As well as the 5 that are shown we also cover a whole host of others as well as treatments for babies and children. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see if you’d benefit from an initial consultation.

  • Lower back pain 80% 80%
  • Upper back pain 70% 70%
  • Neck pain 70% 70%
  • Shoulder pain 60% 60%
  • Headaches 40% 40%

I was involved in a car accident many years ago which dislocated a couple of the vertebra in my neck and in the middle of my back. When I first started seeing Amee I had not had any treatment on my back and neck for sometime which meant that I was very stiff. From the very first session Amee has worked wonders on me and my range of movement has improved with our regular sessions. I feel safe in her hands and look forward to our sessions. Highly recommended!


Business analyst

I came to Amee with a lot of tension in my neck through computer and stress related pains. Amee really understood my case and started to treat me. Every time I go to Amee I literally feel a weight lifted off my shoulder. My neck muscles are relaxed, my shoulders have loosened up and she gives me great advice around managing my work. She is also a lovely person and I have already recommended her to a lot of people who she has helped!


Graphic designer

Health insurance cover

We are registered with all major health insurers such as AXA PPP, BUPA, Simply Health, AVIVA and Standard Health. Please check with us and your insurers for the level of cover you are entitled to under your policy.

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Whether it’s foot, back, shoulder or head pain, we’ll be able to help.

Amee Shah Osteopathy Practice

Amee Shah Osteopathy Practice.
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We used be known as Elstree Osteopathic Practice. Come and visit us now at our new location.

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