First visit

A little more information about what you can expect for your first visit.

At your initial consultation, a full medical case history is taken. We will then ask to have a look at the affected area and may carry out some tests to help us to identify the cause of the problem. This diagnosis will then be discussed with you before we commence treatment. Where necessary, we may provide you with some stretching exercises and lifestyle changes to help the problem from recurring.

Once treatment has finished, the body will adapt to the adjustments made (which occasionally causes some post treatment soreness) and should rebalance itself. This should help to create an improvement in symptoms.

The Amee Shah Osteopathy Practice considers each patient as unique, so the treatment plan and approach is tailored to suit individual requirements. Follow up treatment time is 30 minutes and involves the use of various hands-on treatments such as manipulation, joint mobilisation, and soft tissue stretching as well as providing advice on lifestyle, posture and exercise.

Once the initial problem is resolved, patients may be recommended to have preventative and maintenance sessions.


Additional aids for sale – please enquire for more information regarding these items:
Orthopaedic pillows
Muscular pain relieving gel
Joint support straps
Ice packs

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